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Вход на выставку работ Шагала

"The year was 1971…
’I know Constantinople…’ He immediately corrected himself: ’I mean, I know Istanbul very well. We lived there for two years. On Buyukada. We lived in a wooden house in Principi. We could see the other islands from the windows. Do you know that area?’

’Have you photographed the islands much? If you have, could you send me a few copies? I have good memories of that place and I'd like to reminisce. When we escape from Russia we first went to Istanbul. After we spent a few years there, we went to Paris via Rome. At that time I was trying to paint - rather, I was trying to discover this art."

Ara Guler
Seven Landmarks of the World, Chagall of Buyukada,
(YKY, 2002)

в парижской мастерской (?)

Марк Шагал с книгой "Мертвые души", им проиллюстрированной

Марк Шагал, The Raven and the Fox

The Raven and the Fox, drypoint, watercolor and goushe (hand colored)

Cover of Derriere le Miroir, Maeght Editeur, Paris, 1964

The Birthday

The Birthday (unpublished drowing), india ink on paper

Marc Shagal, "The Birthday"

The Birthday

Время обеда, офорт

<...> lying on a tree

 Marc Chagal, Chichikov's Arrival (no.1), etching

Иллюстрация к роману Н. Гоголя "Мертвые души"
Chichikov's Arrival (no.1), etching

Иллюстрация к роману Н. Гоголя "Мертвые души"
Asking the Way (no. 19), etching

Комментарий организаторов экспозиции по серии рисунков Марка Шагала к "Мертвым душам":

Chagall's collection of 96 etchings illustrating one of the most prominent writers of 19th century Russian literature Nikolai Gogol's Dead Souls was the first of three projects the artist executed for Vollard. It was only in 1948, Teriade published this series on which Chagall received the commission in 1923 and worked on between 1923 and 1927.
In his prints, Chagall did not illustrate particular episodes, but rather created pictorial accompaniment to the story. Thus, the prints in the book are untitled. All the characters in Chagall's series are slightly larger than life, in accordance with their exaggerated descriptions in the novel. Interestingly, Gogol and Chagall shared a common bond: both were Russians nostalgic for their homeland and depicting it in their work, for neither author nor illustrator were in Russia at the time they were working on Dead Souls.

Иллюстрация к роману Н. Гоголя "Мертвые души"
The House-Painters (no. 23), etching

Иллюстрация к роману Н. Гоголя "Мертвые души"

Crossing of the Road, from the 'Bible' series, 1956, etching and drypoint

Crossing of the Road, from the 'Bible' series, 1956, etching and drypoint

Sarah and Ablmelech, 1960, color lithograph

Sarah and Ablmelech, 1960, color lithograph; Bequest of Noah Chodos, New York, to American Friends of the Israel Museum

Pair of Lovers and Flowers, 1949

Marc Chagal, Man with Sideburns

Man with Sideburns (?), 1922-23, Lithograch 29x35

Bearded Man with a Walking Stick, undated, watercolor on paper, gift of Ida Shagall, Paris

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